Commercial Art Range Canvasses

Somnamulist Frilly Fish

Somnambulist Frilly Fish

You thought you’d seen it all, well here’s a case of the little fish that couldn’t.                Keep awake, that is. But her colouriffic shades will keep you alert.



This rotund little fella is so round he revolves slowly as he floats along, hence his name.  In a little world of his own!  Like some other we know.

Elderberry the Shy

Elderberry the Shy

Another cow born yesterday, shy, retiring and ever so sweet.                               Available in print on order . Original found home.

Winston the Great

Winston the Great

Introducing the Great British Flop-eared Pig.  Winston the Marvelous.            Available on order. Busy procreating a batch methinks,                                                       They’re really great animals to cartoon.

Inglebert the lesser

Inglebert the Lesser

Introducing the first piglet born of Winston  Ta Da a a a ….    Inglebert the Lesser.

Three-little-fishies No.2

Three-little-fishies No.2

Created for their whimsical , colourful lightness -love ’em! Available at selected galleries, and directly from myself, they cheer up any wall!

Three little fishies No.1

Three-little-fishies No.1

Now all of us have had partners with weird things, Roger has a porcupine fish lamp.

just a big round spiky ball with a light bulb in the middle. That was the inspiration for this rotund little fish, I loved the unusual view. Hope you do too!

Fleur the Daisy sneaker

Fleur the Daisy Sneaker

Ingaborg the Itchy

Ingaborg the Itchy

Eldred the wheat-sneak

Eldred the Wheat-Sneak

Harriette Hen

Harriette Hen

Cornellius Cockerell

Cornellius Cockerell

These are a range of small canvasses, original and printed available,Catering for the inner Child and the Children around you.


2 Responses to Commercial Art Range Canvasses

  1. Sheila 'Irish' Heffernan says:

    I just love your pigs, such fun and such colour, think I could adopt Ingelbert The Lesser?

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